Procedure for including a work in the critical catalog

Any request to examine a work should preferably be made to the following e-mail address :

This request must always be accompanied by the following documents:

– a good digital photo (at least, medium definition) of the work for possible reproduction in the online catalog and the drawing of a possible notice of inclusion in the catalog;

– a good digital photo (at least, medium definition) of the back of the work, this to read the references and any other information that may be there;

– a good photo of the signature;

– information concerning the signature, the measures, the technique and the provenance of the work, as well as the publications in which the work would have been reproduced and the exhibitions where it would have appeared.

The works will always be seen in reality, except in the case where a work and the references appearing on the back correspond exactly to a painting passed by Durand-Ruel.

In all other cases, the work must therefore be seen in reality at an address defined in advance, but preferably in Paris.

If the work is reproduced in the critical catalog, an invoice will be sent by Durand-Ruel et Cie and the inclusion notice will only be sent once this invoice has been paid.

These inclusion notices generate research and establishment costs and will be invoiced on a flat-rate basis.

However, if a work is not included in the critical catalog, there will be no charge.

The inclusion notice is a document drawn up in a single copy which can never be duplicated or reproduced. It must therefore always accompany the work for which it was made.

Finally, since access to the critical catalog is free and not-for-profit, it is customary for the reproduction of photos in this catalog to be free. Unfortunately, if this usage is not accepted, the work cannot be described and reproduced in the online catalog.